You have downloaded our software, but have issues installing/using it ?

You’re in the right place.

Installation issues

You have downloaded a Numfem Therm installer, but failed to installed it on your workstation.

The main sources for trouble during installation steps are :

There is previous installation of Numfem Therm that is in conflict

You can try to uninstall the old one, and then reinstall the new one.

Numfem Therm was already installed, and is currently running

You’ll have to close the running instance, and then try to install the new one.

Revit is currently running

Despite being possible to install while Revit is running, it can lead to troubles.

Please close Revit before trying to install Numfem Therm.

Launching issues

You have successfully installed Numfem Therm, but at first start, it shows an error message.

Besides issues specific to your very workstation, the main source of issues is concerning network connectivity.

Here are the main informations about access rights that are mandatory for Numfem Therm to work normally.

Firewall (local)

If a firewall is running on your workstation, you may have to give Numfem Therm access rights.

Firstly, Numfem Therm should be allowed the access Internet, since it contacts our servers at each start, and several times during execution.

Our servers have the following addresses : and

Please note that you may have to whitelist the domains and, since our software will try to access scripts (including PHP ones) that can be placed anywhere under the domain.

Secondly, you should allow Numfem Therm to perform POST requests, under HTTPS, on the standard port 443.

Firewall (network)

If your workstation is accessing Internet through a corporate network, and if this network uses a Firewall, you may have to ask your network manager to configure it for Numfem Therm.

Parameters are the same as for a local Firewall.


If your workstation is accessing Internet through a corporate Proxy, you may have to ask your network manager to configure it for  Numfem Therm.

Besides basic parameters (same as for a local Firewall), you may have to configure Numfem Therm to use that Proxy.

There are 2 ways to do so :

– Enter all Proxy’s parameters (address, port, credentials) inside “Internet Explorer” (help  here).

“Internet Explorer” Proxy configuration is actually the same as the “system” one, and Numfem Therm will thus be able to use it directly.

– Put a specific file inside Numfem Therm installation folder .

Because this process can be tricky, please get in touch with us.